Trees And Your Roof

Save your roof by taking care of your trees

Next time while you walk or drive around your city pay attention to trees. You will notice that most of those trees are not pruned, and those who look like the were pruned by someone who doesn’t know how to correctly prune a tree. If you live in an area where storms are known to appear then, this blog post is just for you.

Huge branches and sometimes entire trees can fall on top of your home during the storms accompanied by strong gusts of wind. The older the tree, the more likely it will end up on top of your home. Untrained eye usually cannot detect whether the tree is healthy or not and that is why it is best to have branches which are overhanging your roof trimmed by a professional. Trees can cause numerous problems to your roof and your home. If your roof gets covered in debris such as dirt, branches, crust, and leaves you should have it removed as soon as possible. If branches and leaves stay long enough on your roof, they could become a breeding ground for moss and algae. Moss is always full humidity and having your roofing material in constant contact with water will damage it. You could easily end up with expensive roofing material repair just because of some leaves and branches. Another thing that leaves can cause is clogged gutters. Rain will usually wash down the leaves off of your roof but they will get to gutters, and they will stay there. Clogged gutters can cause various problems not just for your roof but your entire home. When gutters get clogged, they can’t perform their job which is to safely and securely lead water up from your roof down to the ground. All of that excess water will have to end up somewhere, and it usually ends up pretty much everywhere. Water can quickly enter under the roofing material, and it can cause expensive problems. It will destroy your attic insulation, wiring and it will stain your walls and ceiling. It can also end up on your fascia and your sidewalk which can even damage the foundations of your home and call for a complete roof replacement. You can avoid all of this problems by just cleaning your roof regularly. As Frank has said, it is probably enough to clean your gutters and your roof once or twice in a year if you have trees near your home. That is the only way you can avoid roof damage caused by trees.

So that would be it, make sure that you remember to clean your roof and gutters. If you are not comfortable with climbing your roof you can always contact your local roofing contractor, they will do that for you.

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