Roofing Myths

3 Myths About Roofing That You Should Know

We often hear stories about roofing, when to have them repaired, etc. But do you know that there are myths that we often considerate as real? Let’s tackle the common myths and the reality behind each of them.

Here are three myths that you should know about roofing:

1. You can install a new roof over an old one.

Some even think of this idea as a way to save money in the process. Don’t you know that this can cost you even more? Just because the shingles still look okay does not mean beneath them is okay, too. New roof does not fix the problem coming from the old roof. Unseen damage can bring more cost at your end. Thus, it is best to remove the old shingles with damage underneath them, and then put new roof at the end. Through this, you are saving all the hassle and money at the end.

2. Flashing doesn’t need to be replaced.

This is one part of the flashing system that you can do away not checking for years. Think again. Even though it is made of metal and can go through wear and tear without causing any damage at all. But as the years pass by there are instances that it can get loose, become rusted, or cracks do occur. If one of these will happen it will jeopardize the entire roofing system. Good thing that this can be easily replaced without causing too much hassle at your end. Here’s a tip do inspect flashing every six months. In this way, you can see for yourself if there is any damage at an early stage.

3. If just gutters are damaged, everything else is okay.

Gutters are an important part of the roofing system. The purpose of gutters is to catch all the water and slowly flash it out where it can not cause any damage to the structure of the house. Now, if the gutters are damaged, it means the roofing system is going to suffer. Water might flow elsewhere and can cause damage to the house. Do take note of that. Be sure all gutters are inspected every once in a while and all clean. This is to avoid future problems that will cost you more money. Always remember if you are going to have a new roof, make sure that you will have your new roofing material coated and new gutters installed too.

Now that you already know the myths of roofing, once they do occur make sure you do something about it. Minor problems need to be addressed so that you are not going to face major repair or roof replacement. Let’s face it this can be very costly. It may cost you time to check for damages and issues, perform few DIY issues, and stuff. In the end, it’s all worth it when you are not experiencing serious damage to your roofing system. Just in case the problem does occur, always call a professional and let them fix the problem.

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