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Things you should know before installing a green roofing system

A green roof is known by numerous names such as living roof or eco-roof. They have been constructed on buildings for centuries. Many countries across the world have green roof programs or subsidies that are responsible for encouraging eco-roofs. Some cities in the United States are known for their green roofs, for example, Chicago’s City Hall building.

Fundamentally a green or eco-roof is a roof that has plants and a growing medium. It costs more when compared to standard asphalt shingle roofing, but it also has it’s benefits. Rooftop garden expenses also depend on the form of green roof installed.

The additional costs depend on the foundation of the initial building. They may need extra support as a green roof will weigh more than a conventional commercial roof. However, a roof that already has concrete or clay roofing material may be sturdy enough to support a heavier roof. The additional price per square foot has lots of variables so a precise cost really cannot be estimated. It could vary by 8 to over 25 dollars per square foot.

Installation cost can be a drawback while talking about rooftop gardens. Maintenance can also be expensive for the more intensive assortments. Some need access for repairs, so that has to be provided which adds to the expenses. Indeed, the weather comes into play. A green roof is exposed to the seasons just like the lawn or garden so that it won’t stay a spectacular shade of green throughout the year.

One thing that has been confirmed is a green roof does lessen cooling and heating expenses. They make good insulation. They catch the attention of insects and other types of animals. They help control any water overflow. They also clean up the fallen water. They may decrease replacement roofing expenses as the green growth protects from the detrimental damage of the sun. Indeed, if covered with the sun, they may make the roof very profound or substantial.

There are numerous different kinds of the green roof. The two basic types are:

An extensive green roof – This type of roof does not require much maintenance. It may need yearly weeding, but it is intended to be virtually self-sustaining with bare minimum maintenance.

The second type is an intensive, meaning that it needs more expense and labor to install and maintain. It may weigh more as compared to that of the extensive green roof since it requires a thicker growing medium. They need feeding, irrigation, and other maintenance. They resemble parks.

If one decides to build a green as a fresh construction or to remodel an existing construction roof, you will possibly require a building permit in most cities. Some cities support roof gardens, and other sustainable design plans, so make sure to check with your local regulations to find out if there are any tax breaks or other zoning advantages you be eligible for. Victor from Houston, TX roofing company says that it is vital to make sure that you hire a professional roofing contractor with required experience in green roof installation.


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