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Green Roofs



Things you should know before installing a green roofing system

A green roof is known by numerous names such as living roof or eco-roof. They have been constructed on buildings for centuries. Many countries across the world have green roof programs or subsidies that are responsible for encouraging eco-roofs. Some cities in the United States are known for their green roofs, for example, Chicago’s City Hall building.

Fundamentally a green or eco-roof is a roof that has plants and a growing medium. It costs more when compared to standard asphalt shingle roofing, but it also has it’s benefits. Rooftop garden expenses also depend on the form of green roof installed.

The additional costs depend on the foundation of the initial building. They may need extra support as a green roof will weigh more than a conventional commercial roof. However, a roof that already has concrete or clay roofing material may be sturdy enough to support a heavier roof. The additional price per square foot has lots of variables so a precise cost really cannot be estimated. It could vary by 8 to over 25 dollars per square foot.

Installation cost can be a drawback while talking about rooftop gardens. Maintenance can also be expensive for the more intensive assortments. Some need access for repairs, so that has to be provided which adds to the expenses. Indeed, the weather comes into play. A green roof is exposed to the seasons just like the lawn or garden so that it won’t stay a spectacular shade of green throughout the year.

One thing that has been confirmed is a green roof does lessen cooling and heating expenses. They make good insulation. They catch the attention of insects and other types of animals. They help control any water overflow. They also clean up the fallen water. They may decrease replacement roofing expenses as the green growth protects from the detrimental damage of the sun. Indeed, if covered with the sun, they may make the roof very profound or substantial.

There are numerous different kinds of the green roof. The two basic types are:

An extensive green roof – This type of roof does not require much maintenance. It may need yearly weeding, but it is intended to be virtually self-sustaining with bare minimum maintenance.

The second type is an intensive, meaning that it needs more expense and labor to install and maintain. It may weigh more as compared to that of the extensive green roof since it requires a thicker growing medium. They need feeding, irrigation, and other maintenance. They resemble parks.

If one decides to build a green as a fresh construction or to remodel an existing construction roof, you will possibly require a building permit in most cities. Some cities support roof gardens, and other sustainable design plans, so make sure to check with your local regulations to find out if there are any tax breaks or other zoning advantages you be eligible for. Victor from Houston, TX roofing company says that it is vital to make sure that you hire a professional roofing contractor with required experience in green roof installation.

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Roofing Myths


3 Myths About Roofing That You Should Know

We often hear stories about roofing, when to have them repaired, etc. But do you know that there are myths that we often considerate as real? Let’s tackle the common myths and the reality behind each of them.

Here are three myths that you should know about roofing:

1. You can install a new roof over an old one.

Some even think of this idea as a way to save money in the process. Don’t you know that this can cost you even more? Just because the shingles still look okay does not mean beneath them is okay, too. New roof does not fix the problem coming from the old roof. Unseen damage can bring more cost at your end. Thus, it is best to remove the old shingles with damage underneath them, and then put new roof at the end. Through this, you are saving all the hassle and money at the end.

2. Flashing doesn’t need to be replaced.

This is one part of the flashing system that you can do away not checking for years. Think again. Even though it is made of metal and can go through wear and tear without causing any damage at all. But as the years pass by there are instances that it can get loose, become rusted, or cracks do occur. If one of these will happen it will jeopardize the entire roofing system. Good thing that this can be easily replaced without causing too much hassle at your end. Here’s a tip do inspect flashing every six months. In this way, you can see for yourself if there is any damage at an early stage.

3. If just gutters are damaged, everything else is okay.

Gutters are an important part of the roofing system. The purpose of gutters is to catch all the water and slowly flash it out where it can not cause any damage to the structure of the house. Now, if the gutters are damaged, it means the roofing system is going to suffer. Water might flow elsewhere and can cause damage to the house. Do take note of that. Be sure all gutters are inspected every once in a while and all clean. This is to avoid future problems that will cost you more money. Always remember if you are going to have a new roof, make sure that you will have your new roofing material coated and new gutters installed too.

Now that you already know the myths of roofing, once they do occur make sure you do something about it. Minor problems need to be addressed so that you are not going to face major repair or roof replacement. Let’s face it this can be very costly. It may cost you time to check for damages and issues, perform few DIY issues, and stuff. In the end, it’s all worth it when you are not experiencing serious damage to your roofing system. Just in case the problem does occur, always call a professional and let them fix the problem.

I would like to thank Victor for helping me again by providing much needed information for this blog post. Victor is an owner of the best roofing company located in Houston, TX. If you live in an area, make sure that you check them out.

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Trees And Your Roof


Save your roof by taking care of your trees

Next time while you walk or drive around your city pay attention to trees. You will notice that most of those trees are not pruned, and those who look like the were pruned by someone who doesn’t know how to correctly prune a tree. If you live in an area where storms are known to appear then, this blog post is just for you. Recently I sat down with Victor from Anchor Roofing Houston, TX, and he told me all about the dangers of having tree branches hanging over your roof, so I decided to write a blog post about the issue and how to resolve it.

Huge branches and sometimes entire trees can fall on top of your home during the storms accompanied by strong gusts of wind. The older the tree, the more likely it will end up on top of your home. Untrained eye usually cannot detect whether the tree is healthy or not and that is why it is best to have branches which are overhanging your roof trimmed by a professional. Trees can cause numerous problems to your roof and your home. If your roof gets covered in debris such as dirt, branches, crust, and leaves you should have it removed as soon as possible. If branches and leaves stay long enough on your roof, they could become a breeding ground for moss and algae. Moss is always full humidity and having your roofing material in constant contact with water will damage it. You could easily end up with expensive roofing material repair just because of some leaves and branches. Another thing that leaves can cause is clogged gutters. Rain will usually wash down the leaves off of your roof but they will get to gutters, and they will stay there. Clogged gutters can cause various problems not just for your roof but your entire home. When gutters get clogged, they can’t perform their job which is to safely and securely lead water up from your roof down to the ground. All of that excess water will have to end up somewhere, and it usually ends up pretty much everywhere. Water can quickly enter under the roofing material, and it can cause expensive problems. It will destroy your attic insulation, wiring and it will stain your walls and ceiling. It can also end up on your fascia and your sidewalk which can even damage the foundations of your home and call for a complete roof replacement. You can avoid all of this problems by just cleaning your roof regularly. As Frank has said, it is probably enough to clean your gutters and your roof once or twice in a year if you have trees near your home. That is the only way you can avoid roof damage caused by trees.

So that would be it, make sure that you remember to clean your roof and gutters. If you are not comfortable with climbing your roof you can always contact your local roofing contractor, they will do that for you.

Roofing Troubles: To Repair or To Replace?


Repair vs. Replace

There is never an ideal time for roof problems to appear. You can’t anticipate when your roofing system is going to get ruined or how. It is recommended to take a look at your roofing system to avoid any issues. Occasionally it can be very tough to find the problem, which is why a detailed evaluation by an expert roofing contractor is an excellent idea to reach the bottom of anything doubtful.


You may ask yourself „Repair service or replacement?“ Both alternatives can end up being relatively costly. But when it comes to longevity of your roofing system, doing one or the other is worth every cent. So how do you figure out the best option to go with for your roofing system as well as your scenario? We sat down with Victor, owner at Anchor Roofing Inc. From Houston, TX and he told us following.


Outside indicators

The easiest way to determine that something is wrong with your roof is to take a look at it. During the storms, your gutters can get clogged which can lead to water damage to your roof support structure and even walls. Also, over the time, tiles can get broken, and shingles can lose granules which can also lead to water penetration and wet attic insulation.

Troubles with roofing system frequently take place on the outside first, so it is critical to be able to recognize any changes in the structure itself. Unless you take care of the problems you discover right away, the damage will indeed spread to the inside, making repairs much more challenging as well as pricey.


Interior indicators

Another way that you can tell that something is wrong with your roof is to look for internal signs of damage. A most common sign that your roof might be leaking is that you will notice that the wallboards have started to stain. You can also examine your walls if the paint has begun splitting or peeling and if wallpapers are also peeling off that can also be the sign of water penetrating your home. But probably the easiest way to spot water damage inside your home is the formation of mold or mildew on the wall and ceiling surfaces.

Try to make sure you react promptly when you uncover any of the internal signals if you miss out on the exterior signs. The faster you discover any of these problems, the better.


So when to repair?

Nobody wants to replace their roof. It is the expensive procedure, but it can also be avoided by regular and timely maintenance. If your roof is  15 years or younger, then you should consider repairs. Also, if the warranty duration has not yet expired, you should consider repairing your roof. Also, having a leak doesn’t mean that you immediately have to replace your complete roof. If you detect and fix a leak on time and it doesn’t reappear, you are in the clear.


And when to replace?

A day will arrive when you will have to replace your roof. Everybody knows that replacing your roof is money and time consuming. You should consider and prepare yourself for roof replacement if your roofing system is old. If your roof is over 20 years old and not maintained regularly, the chances are great that you need to replace it, especially if your warranty has expired. Also, if your roof was already repaired from time to time that is a reliable indicator that it won’t hold much longer. And don’t forget about leaks. If you realize that your roof might be leaking in countless places of the structure or if they don’t go away after repairing, you need a new roof.

In some cases, there might not be any visible indicators that the roofing framework has been damaged as well as needs for repair or replacement. Best thing to do is to work with a qualified, trained roofing specialist to examine the roofing system. An experienced roofer will have the ability and tools to identify any problems you may be facing and offer you the best option for your situation.

5 Powerful Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom renovation can do a lot for your house and for your life. How so? This article has been written and released for this exact purpose: to explain you 5 of the most powerful benefits you can get from bathroom remodeling.

As you can easily guess, this article has been divided in 5 sections, in each one of them we will talk about 1 of these benefits. Are you ready to begin? If you are, then here you have our first benefit!

1: Your House Will Be Worth More Money

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, then doing a bathroom renovation can do a lot for you. Another thing that can add value to your house is a kitchen renovation, but a bathroom one is more affordable and will add a ton of value at the same time.

The unique thing you need to take care about is to hire a good company to realize the bathroom renovation. Because a wrongly-performed one will do the contrary. So invest your time and money into finding the right kind of home improvement company.

But we will talk past beyond the money point, it’s time to get into more interesting aspects.

2: Make Your Bathroom Perfect

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJvAAAAJDYwODg5ZGEzLTY2YzQtNDU1Yy05YzFhLWU5OWE5MmJhZjViYwPerfect is a very subjective word. But we mean that with a renovation, you will have the chance to correct those aspects of your bathroom that really annoy you. You can make your bathroom perfect. And another part is that a renovation goes beyond the aesthetics, because it can also fix certain functional issues.

So a renovation will fix those broken tiles, detect problems with plumbing, paint again those strained walls and a lot more. This is the power held by a properly-done bathroom remodeling.

3: More Spacious, a Lot Better

Do you feel like your bathroom is way too small, or maybe feels that way? Then don’t worry, because thanks to a renovation you can expand the space and make your bathroom feel a lot better.

Thanks to this remodeling process, providing you choose a good style like the minimalist one, then you will have plenty of extra space in this room, because these styles make a lot of space, because they don’t abuse of the use of furniture.

As you can see, a renovation will gift you more space and freedom. Doesn’t it sound like a very cool idea?

4: Make Your House More Elegant

Contrary to what you may think, a bathroom renovation has a lot of power over the style of your house. So, if you want your house to look better, then invest some of your resources into upgrading the way your bathroom looks like.

5: Jut Relax

Let’s admit it. A bathroom renovation will make you feel very relaxed, because you will be able to take a hot tub in your modern and beautiful bathroom. For real, who wouldn’t like to be in this situation? And it’s your turn to make it happen!